So You Wanna Be A Digital Nomad?

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I’ve been having a lot of emotional ups and downs lately due to money, weather, realities, and it’s given me a lot to think about. Do I want to continue this life?

You’re bloody right I do. But that’s longterm travel for you. I’m excited to go home and see my family but I’m more excited to go to my next continent. And you can’t beat that kind of excitement.

I wrote this, then, for people romanticizing the digital nomad life.

Here’s an excerpt from my latest blog post:

So You Wanna Be A Digital Nomad?

I spent 2015 planning, researching, minimizing, selling off my life, until one day I walked out of my apartment, handed my landlord my keys, hopped in my friend’s truck, and left behind all semblance of normalcy.

That was 120 days ago. Today I’m sitting in a kebab shop in Madrid, a mix of Spanish and Arabic chatter all around me, after pulling out Google translate to negotiate a Mixta Platter with falafel instead of French fries. You chuckle but little negotiations like those leave me feeling like I just ooze victory. That’s nomad life for you… CONTINUE READING


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