Full Nomad

Exploring what “home-free” means

Unhappy at 42,
I sold everything and went Full Nomad

Sure, I still work,
but I’m living my travel dreams with a location-independent life.

Here’s where I’ll share stories of exploring our world.

Join me as I learn about myself,
explore places, and meet people along the way.

A New Chapter: Nomad Anniversary

I owe you a couple stories about Nova Scotia, and you’ll get them. I have other stories of other places to tell too. But it’s been a frantic summer of friends, family, and couchsurfing. I’m a [...]

Goodbye, Europe = Hello, Canada

I wrote this “goodbye, Europe” over ravioli and wine in Split, Croatia, the night before I left. I’ve been in Canada for a weekend now, and I owe a recap on my eight months in [...]

Travel Epiphany, Nomad-Style

So, I had an epiphany today. Lightbulb, Oprah singing, nerves zapping kinda “a-ha!” epiphany. See, I’ve been so consumed, almost vexed, as I deliberate about Where To Next. I don’t mean where to [...]

I’m editing travel photography while drinking my last Bosnian coffee. What’s Bosnian coffee, you might ask? Turkish coffee served in Bosnia. Yeah, that simple. Ottomans ruled Bosnia for 425 [...]

Albania: The Hysterectomy Files

By this time tomorrow, a hysterectomy will have removed my uterus in a country that, just 27 years ago, was more isolated and insular than North Korea is today. I’m in Albania and doctors [...]

BritainAh, Britain! Land of my ancestors and my conquerors, the United Kingdom will lure me back relentlessly.
ChallengesThose famous last words apply to full-time travel: "Nobody said it was gonna be easy." Challenges are fun, though... right?
CroatiaA cultural crossroads learning who it can be in a new era, I fell in love with Croatia.
MexicoMexico, the land of mezcal and tacos became home for six months. From insurrection to isolation, it would be a very personal journey.

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Welcome! I’m Steff.

Envious of others living their dreams, on my 39th birthday I set a goal: Pay down debt, then see the world. It was a five-year plan, but three years later I was on a plane to London, England, and a new life. Today, I’m “slow travelling,” working where I find WiFi, and living a life I once thought was unreachable. Overweight and in my 40s, I’m proving travel is endlessly adaptable for anyone. A journalism with a passion for photography, I’ve spent 16 years editing, writing, and blogging my way to where I am now… wherever that is.