Full Nomad

Exploring what “home-free” means

Unhappy at 42,
I sold everything and went Full Nomad

Sure, I still work,
but I’m living my travel dreams with a location-independent life.

Here’s where I’ll share stories of exploring our world.

Join me as I learn about myself,
explore places, and meet people along the way.

Musings on Time, Space, and Stillness

It’s a week of reckonings. I’ve been backing up photos, dealing with long overlooked things, and it’s been taking me back. Back through 16 countries, back over 760 days. Back, back, and back. [...]

A New Chapter: Nomad Anniversary

I owe you a couple stories about Nova Scotia, and you’ll get them. I have other stories of other places to tell too. But it’s been a frantic summer of friends, family, and couchsurfing. I’m a [...]

Goodbye, Europe = Hello, Canada

I wrote this “goodbye, Europe” over ravioli and wine in Split, Croatia, the night before I left. I’ve been in Canada for a weekend now, and I owe a recap on my eight months in [...]

Travel Epiphany, Nomad-Style

So, I had an epiphany today. Lightbulb, Oprah singing, nerves zapping kinda “a-ha!” epiphany. See, I’ve been so consumed, almost vexed, as I deliberate about Where To Next. I don’t mean where to [...]

I’m editing travel photography while drinking my last Bosnian coffee. What’s Bosnian coffee, you might ask? Turkish coffee served in Bosnia. Yeah, that simple. Ottomans ruled Bosnia for 425 [...]

BritainAh, Britain! Land of my ancestors and my conquerors, the United Kingdom will lure me back relentlessly.
ChallengesThose famous last words apply to full-time travel: "Nobody said it was gonna be easy." Challenges are fun, though... right?
CroatiaA cultural crossroads learning who it can be in a new era, I fell in love with Croatia.
MexicoMexico, the land of mezcal and tacos became home for six months. From insurrection to isolation, it would be a very personal journey.

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Welcome! I’m Steff.

Envious of others living their dreams, on my 39th birthday I set a goal: Pay down debt, then see the world. It was a five-year plan, but three years later I was on a plane to London, England, and a new life. Today, I’m “slow travelling,” working where I find WiFi, and living a life I once thought was unreachable. Overweight and in my 40s, I’m proving travel is endlessly adaptable for anyone. A journalism with a passion for photography, I’ve spent 16 years editing, writing, and blogging my way to where I am now… wherever that is.